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Your Xena subscription

In the menu Setup > Company > Subscription menu, you have an overview of your current Xena subscription. Here, you can also add credit card to pay for your subscription.

On this screen, you can see which apps you have selected for your EG Xena solution and their monthly prices.

After your trial period has expired, this is also where you need to upgrade your user and add a credit card to continue using Xena. If you take no action, access to your accounts will remain blocked. We will still keep your data for 5 years, as prescribed by the accounting law.

To add a credit card, press the 'Add Payment Card' button. Your subscription will be automatically charged on the 1st of each month.

The invoice for the subscription will be sent to you via notifications in Xena. You can find the notification by pressing the profile icon at the top right and selecting 'Notifications'. Press the notification to retrieve the invoice.

Oversigt over dit abonnement for dit regnskab i Xena


At the bottom, you will find a section where you can generate a backup and delete the accounting data.

Learn more about this here.