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Receive vouchers, bookkeep, and approve expenses.

Use of the inbox

The inbox in Xena is a fantastic and straightforward tool for handling all types of documents you want to store in the system.

Bookkeeping and registration

Xena simplifies bookkeeping, voucher registration, and bank reconciliation. Here, you'll learn how to submit, read, categorize, and record your vouchers.

Voucher registration

All accounting is based on vouchers. Xena simplifies the process of managing vouchers by storing them and suggesting necessary information.

Voucher registration for sales orders

When you register an invoice via Ledger > Voucher registration, you can simultaneously post the invoice as a cost on a sales order.

Voucher Registration for Electronic Invoices

In Ledger > Voucher registration, you can easily and quickly post all lines from OIO invoices on orders

Ledger entry

In the ledger entry, you can perform manual postings, import bank advices, make accruals, and post bank transactions from bank reconciliation.

Search for vouchers

If, for example, you want to search for a voucher in Xena, there are several ways to do it. Here are some ideas.

Cancel, repost and edit transactions in Xena

You can cancel, repost, or correct a transaction in Xena in various ways.

Document Management

When using Xena, you can securely store your documents in the right place, precisely where you need them