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Bookkeeping and registration


For efficient bookkeeping, we recommend a workflow ensuring every voucher and expense is handled as few times as possible.

Bookkeeping, voucher registration and bank reconciliation is extremely easy in Xena. Here is how to send your vouchers to Xena, book it and reconsolidate with your bank account. Everything is stored in Xena. Easy bookkeeping is an advantage for you and your accountant.


Bookkeeping in Xena – 3 easy steps:

  1. Registration of vouchers
    With Xena, you do not need to store tons of papers I physical binders. All employees can send vouchers and copies of receipts to Xena electronically. Xena stores it securely. Xena also reads the content of the vouchers and spare you for a lot of typing by recconizing dates, supplier names, amount, currency and VAT.
  2. Bank reconciliation
    Import posts from your bank account and connect every transaction with an expense or income. Xena helps you find the matching posts. Remaining bank account posts can be moved to the ledger journal.
  3. Ledger journal
    Xena have a classic ledger journal. Here you bookkeep the rest of the bank, salaries and other things. If you transferred remaining bank transactions to the ledger journal, Xena will again help you by suggesting how to bookkeep every post. 

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