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VAT, customs, and taxes.

Setup of VAT, VAT reports, and VAT settlement.

VAT codes

Here's an explanation of how VAT codes work in Xena.

VAT and VAT Settlement

What is VAT, and how is it settled in Xena?

Limited VAT deduction

When a receipt or invoice specifies a VAT rate of 25%, it is not always possible for you to deduct the entire VAT amount. In Xena, you can customize the VAT deduction as needed.

VAT free sale

Sometimes there is a need to sell or purchase goods or services without calculating VAT. Learn more about how to do it in Xena.

Reverse Charge in Xena

Reverse charge is used for trading mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc

Import VAT and Customs Duty

Usually, when you import goods or purchase services from countries outside the EU, you are required to pay Danish VAT and possibly customs duty. This is referred to as Import VAT.

VAT One Stop Shop

From July 1, 2021, the VAT rules for sales to individuals in the EU have been changed. This means that One-Stop VAT has been replaced by the VAT One-Stop Shop (MOSS).

VAT Reconciliation

How to handle the reconciling of the VAT Report in Xena

Integration with SKAT

Here's how you choose Xena as NemVirksomhed with SKAT.