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Ledger accounts, ledgers, accounting periods, and reports.

Chart of Accounts

Learn more about how the fiscal chart of accounts is created and utilized in Xena.

Fiscal periods

It is important that you have set up the correct fiscal accounting periods in Xena.

Primo postings

A guide to entering primo postings in Xena, also known as opening balances.

Ready for a new fiscal year

Your todo list to get ready for a new fiscal year in Xena.

Date Selector and Fiscal Year

Take advantage of the opportunity to quickly enter and select dates. The date selector in Xena is super-efficient.

Ledger reports

An overview of reports in the ledger module


You can create Departments, Bearers, and Purposes in your fiscal to add an extra dimension to your financial postings. You can also choose dimensions on orders.


This guide explains how currency is managed in Xena in the context of orders, voucher registration, as well as accounting and payment reconciliation.

Data Exchange

In this guide, you can briefly learn about the options for exporting data from your Xena fiscal.