Ready for a new fiscal year

Getting started

Your todo list to get ready for a new fiscal year in Xena.

Start using Xena

To be a user of Xena is free. After creating your personal user account, you can create as many companies (fiscals) you want. All free! If more users are needed in a fiscal, you must upgrade to Xena Premium.

When switching to Xena from another system, pick a start date (e.g. 01-01-2020). By this date all your invoicing must be done in Xena. Don't worry about financial data, ledger tags or balance. That can be added later on. In Xena, invoicing works from day one. The setup of a fiscal will come along naturally. 

Please read our get started guide.


Prepare for a new fiscal year

If you already use Xena, here are some tips on getting started on a new fiscal period. Not all companies follows the calendar year for their fiscal periods. Many do though, thus the following example assumes the fiscal period follows the calendar.

Create a new fiscal period: In order to make invoices and do bookkeeping, a new fiscal period must be created. The old period don't need to be closed. You can still make invoices and bookkeep in all fiscal periods that haven't been closed yet.

Go to "Ledger" > "Primo postings" and click the "Create" button. Check the dates in the dialog, and click "Create" again.


Remember to invite you accountant

When using Xena, it is free to invite your accountant. It has many benefits. For starters, Xena has a unique integration with the accountant software CaseWare used by many accountants. When you give your accountant access to your fiscal, you have also delivered all vouchers. It’s as easy as that!


Your accountant don't need your personal Xena password

Your accountant must have his own Xena user account. He uses his own password to have access to multiple fiscals. When invited, the accountant can see all the information he need in Xena to do a revision of your fiscal.

If you want your accountant to do bookkeeping assign your accountant the role as bookkeeper.


Support for ending a fiscal period and start using Xena

If you need more help than provided on our site, you can get support by contacting us. If you are a Xena Premium user, we will be happy to help you on how to use Xena. Note that we do not help you bookkeep or advise you how to run your company. That is what an accountant is for.

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