Fiscal periods

Learn how to create and edit fiscal periods.

When creating a new fiscal period, the current year will be used – starting January 1, ending December 31. The year will be the name of the period (like “2017”).

To change the start and end dates of a fiscal period, go to Setup > Ledger setup, the tab “Fiscal years”, or Ledger > Primo postings. Click the period, to access and edit the name, start and end dates.

To create a new period, click the button “Create”.

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List of fiscal years


You can have a fiscal year that does not follow the calendar year or are shorter than 12 months. It must be done BEFORE bookkeeping in or creating other fiscal periods!

If you want to create a fiscal year earlier than the first created in Xena, all primo postings must be removed from that first period, because this no longer will be the first fiscal year it can’t have sums for income and partners or stock.


Set a lock date

A lock date is the last change to bookkeep in the fiscal period (go to Ledger > Primo postings, choose a fiscal year). This prevents bookkeeping an old fiscal period by mistake.

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To lock the period completely, remove the checkmark in the field “Open”.

Lock a fiscal year