OCR reading of vouchers
Xena read your vouchers

When buying something for the company, you must handle the voucher. Xena can help with that.

16-09-2019 • Efficiency

Price module in xena
Xena's eyes on the price

Manage discounts, fixed prices, time limited campaigns and currencies in Xena's price module.

15-04-2019 • Efficiency

Work more efficient
Five ways to ease your workday

Many tasks in a company are done again and again. How can our online accounting solution help you deal with this more easily? Here are five ways.

17-01-2019 • Efficiency

Avoid out of stock
How to avoid "out of stock"

70 % of consumers just move on to you competitor if do not have articles in stock.

30-07-2018 • Efficiency

Improved calendar
Use Xena for scheduling

We have developed a new, better version of our scheduling calendar.

27-07-2018 • Efficiency

Calendar and procjct apps
New apps in Xena help you scheduling

The apps Calendar and Project module are now available in Xena App Store.

10-08-2017 • Efficiency

Scan articles
Use barcodes and scan your articles

Use barcodes to register articles on a purchase or sales order. Now it is much quicker to register articles on orders!

23-06-2016 • Efficiency

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