Shipmondo integration
Easily print your shipping labels

With our partner Shipmondo you can create shipments from your orders in Xena. Print labels quickly and easily.

07-06-2019 • About us

Let us be playmates
Let's be playmates

Xena is a lot more than just another online ERP system. We are also a business hub, combining CRM, document handling, subscription administration and much more. Xena can many things, but we still need what you can do!

11-04-2019 • About us

Your colleague Xena
Xena – your colleague

An accounting system like Xena is involved all parts of a business.

26-07-2018 • About us

Xena priorities integrations
Xena priorities integrations

Integrations are incredibly important and we have taken another step to make Xena easy to integrate with.

24-04-2018 • About us

Xena Premium
Xena is now Premium!

All Xena Premium users can get personal phone support. New expanded options for stock management, voucher reading and storage.

01-11-2016 • About us

Why is Xena free?
Why is Xena free?

You may need to get used to it. Before, nothing in life was free. But Google, Skype, Facebook and YouTube are examples of the opposite. For most users these services are free.

09-01-2015 • About us

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