Easy GPS tracking of company cars


Keatech Motervej

Keatech provides accurate, live GPS tracking of your company cars.

Some businesses, e.g. doing repairs, cleaning or carpenters, drive many miles every day from customer to customer, pick up materials etc.

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Advantages of tracking company cars

GPS tracking of company cars have several advantages. Let's say you have an emergency task. Who should you send to fix the problem? Logically, the employee who is already closest. Thanks to GPS tracking from Keatech, this is possible. You have updated information about all your cars' position down to every third second.

Tracking by GPS also give detailed documentation for milage and time spend at the customer. The Keatech system delivers simple reports, easy to overview.


30 days free trial

Keatech have made it simple to use high-end technology. First, you create an account, receive the GPS transmitters you need, install them in your vehicles and you are all set. Try it for 30 days without cost.

We are very happy to welcome Keatech in our growing app store. With this integration you can view your cars' live driving data and other features from Keatech, inside Xena. The integration between Keatech and Xena is free.

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Using integrations, like Keatech, you can connect your systems with Xena and gather all the information in one common place. Our unique two-way integrations enable your systems and Xena to communicate.

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