7 updates you shouldn't miss

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More that 530 small and bigger changes has been committed to Xena in the first half of 2021. Here are the seven most important for your everyday work.

Order templates

Let's start with one of the big time-savers. Many of creates almost the same order again and again. Previously, you might copy an existing order and then adjust it for a new customer. Or just start over every time.

Now you can save an order as a template and create new orders from it. It is super easy to use and can even be applied to existing orders.


Shortcut for creating

Speaking of creating, we now have a very convenient shortcut for creating orders, partners and articles. No matter where you are in Xena, you can click the plus icon in the top of the view to create new stuff.

Now let's review some of the updates giving you a better overview.


Numerous updates for reports

You can pull lists and reports about almost everything in your fiscal – economy, customers, suppliers, products, stock and projects. Almost every update for Xena, has some optimization for the reports.

By analyzing the reports, you can find areas in your company doing well and what things to improve. Go to "Reports" and choose a category. Use the filters above the table to narrow data down to what you need.

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Show the most relevant address

One of our most used features are the status overview. It's a clear, easy to understand view of your orders. You can personalize it to only view the relevant orders for your workday/role. The newest addition is you can switch between displaying the customers address or the order's delivery address.

We have many different types of companies using Xena. The feature mentioned above is an example of how we try to make the needed settings so everybody can have an optimal workday.

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Easy handling of prices

Every company sells something. But it is different how the determine the prices. Some just come up with a price for every order. Others have fixed pricing that only rarely are updated. And some needs more advanced options to make price agreements, index regulations, offers, campaigns and discount arrangements – for both selling and purchasing goods or services.

Everyone can set a standard price in Xena. If you need the more advanced options, you can activate these by installing the app "Advanced price management for articles" from our app store. This extension is free.

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Set your own standards

Our last two updates are not that visible – nonetheless very important.

Everything in Xena is tied to orders. These are your foundation for invoicing your customers. Is has always been possible to choose other design and make custom designs. Now you can set these custom designs as your fiscal standard.


New system for emails

Invoices and reports be shared via email from Xena. Recently, we rewrote our email handling from the bottom up. This was to better support the need for emails. The change really is invisible for you as a user, but helps us to better adapt Xena to your needs.


Everything mentioned here is only from the first quarter of 2021. We have at least the same amount of news coming the rest of the year. Please tell us what you think of the new features and possibilities.

We wish you all a wonderful summer!

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