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Four ways to get to know your company better.

A fiscal consists of many components and results of many parameters. E.g. stock count, your customers due, balance, income, etc. To have good insights in these things can help you handle problems before they grow big, and to create profit. In Xena, you can get different financial reports, and we frequently add new ones.

Here is an overview of four categories of reports in Xena:


Financial insight

Reports about the finances includes overview of posts, accounts and balances.


Insights about partners, customers and suppliers

Reports in the section "Partners" tell you what has been booked on your customers and suppliers. Filter on date and partner to find which orders have been paid and when. This also work as an account overview of the partner. Statistics about what your customers buy and how much indicate what your customers like so you can be ahead of demand.


Insights about articles and stock

Reports about articles and stock show where you gain your profit. The report "Article margins" contains turnover, use and revenue data for every article. Get current and historical data sorted by article number and stock locations. The statistics report show articles sold and purchased through time.


Project insights

If you use our project module from our app store, you can pull some special reports about order costs, projects and time registration. With these you can keep track of the projects and see if they are on time and on budget.


Get the reports directly in your inbox

Xena help you gain insights of your business. The reports help you identify the areas you need to strengthen, and where there are potential for growth. To make it easy for yourself, you can setup the system to email you the latest reports. You decide how often – every week, month, etc. You can even send it to multiple people.

Did you know you can design your own reports? You can change colors and logo directly in Xena. But if you are familiar with XML and HTML you will be able to edit the code that creates the PDF files.

If you would like to see these reports in your company, create your user account and a fiscal in Xena now!

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