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Integration with RentLog

The RentLog system helps managing rental cars. With their new integration invoicing is handled in Xena.

Handing Over Car Keys

Some time ago, in collaboration with EG Notaplan, we launched a business solution for car mechanics. We call it Xena Auto. Clever, right?

We are happy to introduce a new integration that especially car shops and others who rent out cars, will benefit from.


Integration with RentLog

RentLog is a system to manage a fleet of rental or loan cars. It could be a workshop who offer their customers to loan a car while their own car is being repaired. The system is very simple to use and can be managed from both desktop and smartphone.

RentLog presents an overview of the cars' status, bookings, reschedules, damages and more. This insures optimal use of the car fleet.


RentLog's integration with Xena

The integration between RentLog and Xena ties booking and invoicing together. When an appointment is made in Xena, data is automatically transferred to RentLog. After the car is returned, data for the invoice is transferred back to an open or new order in Xena. This way, RentLog collaborates with the rest of the accounting system.

You can integrate with RentLog free of charge from within the Xena App Store. It is available in Danish and Norwegian. You must be a RentLog user before installing the integration. They offer one month free trial of their solution. Contact RentLog here to learn more and see a demo.

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With integrations like RentLog, you can connect your systems with Xena and gather your daily tasks in one single system. Our unique two-way integrations enable your other systems and Xena to exchange information.

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