Great financial overview
of your entire company

  What is Xena? See our video, explaining what Xena can do for you.

Xena is an online accounting system

You get the basic accounting functions, like orders and invoices. However, most companies need more than that. We who build Xena, knows accounting. Therefore, our application also provides stock count, auto-reading of vouchers, bank reconciliation, integration with other systems and so much more.

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Xena is your business hub

Larger companies often use many different systems. Xena gathers it all for you in one single place. All employees can have a role that matches their job. Use Xena as a hub for planning, communication, customer care and accounting.

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Xena is easy to use

Xena is accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. All your data are safely stored in the cloud. We use the newest technology and keep a high security level. We work hard to make Xena easy to use and we are happy to get feedback. We take care of updating Xena, you don’t have to do anything.

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Xena works with your accountant

Invite your accountant into your fiscal in Xena. It’s FREE! No need to overload your accountant with stacks of binders and copies of vouchers. Now it all happens online in Xena. The accountant can integrate Xena in the system he normally uses for auditing. Xena makes your accountant happy.

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Xena is now premium!

Now, all Xena Premium users can get personal phone support. Also, expanded options for stock count, voucher reading and storing. Read more



Scan your articles

Now you can use barcodes to register articles on a buying or sale order. Now it is very quicker to register articles on orders! Read more