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News on digital bookkeeping

Integrate webshop and accounting
4 min. read

How to connect your webshop to your financial system

Unleash the full potential of letting your systems talk to each other.

Supplier security requirements
5 min. read

Answers to 5 important IT security questions

In a digital bookkeeping system, your accounting data is in the cloud. Here are five key points about data security.

Help and guides

Find support on using the online accounting system EG Xena.

Digital bookkeeping for your company

The online accounting system Xena is EG's system for digital bookkeeping. It suits both small and middlesized companies, and helps them stay in control of finances, orders etc.

  • Easily make orders, offers and invoices
  • All-round accounting
  • Make reports and prints
  • Easy bank reconsiliation
  • Manage documents, contracts and quality assurance
  • Register time, costs and resources used on jobs
  • Manage budgets, projects and orders

Learn more about EG Xena (Danish)