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Autoload bank transactions

How to load bank transactions

You can hook up Xena with your bank. Now all your bank transactions can be loaded automatically for reconciliation.


Folders for documents

How to organize documents in Xena

Here is an overview of how to store and organize files, using relations, versions and folders.


I have used Xena since 2016 for multiple companies. It is very easy to use. In the rare case I need support, they have helped me quickly. I have a much better overview of the company finances than I had with previous accounting systems.

Jean-Paul Damsgaard, CleanMac.dk ApS / Beautiful Makeup ApS

Our work has certainly become easier to manage. It's a whole new reality to us. A bonus of the system is that we get almost no complaints on bills anymore; fewer errors and better customer satisfaction.

Mikkel Krogstrup, Landscaping company Elmerhøj

Easy online accounting system that can read documents and talk with the bank

Xena is an online accounting system where everything is stores safely in the cloud. You have access everywhere via computer, tablet and smartphone. It's a business system designed to make your day easier.

Besides the common accounting features, you can manage offers, orders and invoices, stock, automatic voucher registration, bank reconciliation, integrate with other systems and much, much more.

Use Xena as a business hub for planning, communication, customer care and bookkeeping. And we take care of maintaining the system, so can keep focus on the business.

List of solutions

List of apps and integrations

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