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Even small changes can make a big difference. For example can layout changes save you time when looking for the newest information.

A recent update to Xena made some changes to the main menu and other components.


Main menu focus on sales

We have moved some menu items that was not used very often, to give room for the most used features.

To be precise, we have removed the main menu section "Company". Most things from this section is now available in "Setup". Financial overview, Document overview and Notifications are now available under "Ledger".

Why this change? One of the most used features is Status overview. Most features from the old Company section was only used once in a while. By doing this change we encourage more focus on sales, and it is quicker to reach what you want.

LEARN MORE: Order and task statuses.


Better view of a partner

We rearranged the detail page of a partner. The top information is now the partner's balance and postings. The other stuff - contact information and price settings - has moved further down.

This change was also done to give you quicker access to the information you need the most. Secondary information is still available, just toned down a little.


Collaboration with out users

Most of out updates to Xena is made from feedback from out users. We are very happy to collaborate with you in improving our product. Every month we receive new ideas and wishes, which we consider in our development of Xena.

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