Price change 2022

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From January 1, 2022, our price will be adjusted for both new and existing users. You still get most value for money with Xena.

Our prices are very simple: You pay for each person working in the fiscal, each month. You can up/downscale according to your current needs without the risk of paying too much.


New price from January 1, 2022

Starting January 1, 2022, the monthly subscription in Xena is 24,99 euros. Users having the role as "employee", "accountant" or "advisor" are free.

We think still think it's one of the best value for money offers out there. Even as a fresh startup you can afford all the big features for managing orders and stock, have bank integration and automatic voucher.

LEARN MORE: Features in Xena.

We also offer some additional modules, like project management. You can see all modules and prices here.


How to get an overview

It's easy to see what your current Xena subscription costs. Go to SETUP > COMPANY > SUBSCRIPTION. There you'll see a list of how many users and what apps you are paying for. It's also here you can update credit card information.

In SETUP > COMPANY > USERS, you can see who has access to the fiscal and what roles they have. From here you can adjust user role and app access.

LEARN MORE: Roles in Xena.


We are existed for a new year with more improvements and new features in Xena. If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please don't hold back from reaching out to us via the chat.

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