Efficiency • 31-03-2020

New design in voucher registration

The new design gives better overview and is more accesible.

Bilagsreg Design

In the last couple of months, we have worked on a redesign of the voucher registration in Xena. Now it is finally ready for you!


What is voucher registration?

In the old days one should remember to save receipts and other vouchers on paper. They served as documentation for money spent in the company. Those days are over - now we save it all in the cloud!

When you send a voucher or bill to Xena, our system scans the file and automatically transfers information like amount, partners and date. You only need to confirm the data and pass it on for approval or bookkeeping.


Better overview

Our goal is always to make your workday easier. That is way your feedback is vital to us. Based on your feedback we were able to make the changes that are now available in the next version of voucher registration.

The new design gives you a much better overview of your inbox of vouchers. Unread vouchers is clearly marked, making it easy for you to see where you need to take action. The original file is always visible.

Of cause, we will continue to improve the voucher registration, based on your feedback.


Too different?

We have not removed the old voucher registration yet. For a transition period, you can switch between the two designs. We will tell you well in advance, when the old design will be removed.


Use is on mobile devices

The new design makes voucher registration easier to use on smaller devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Now you can handle and approve vouchers on the go.

This is a great update for voucher registration. Please give it a spin and let us know what you think.

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