More than 608 million dollars invoiced via Xena

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We look back at 2021 and some of the newest features.

In just this year, our users invoiced more than 608,000,000 USD (4 billion DKK). That equals approximately 1.6 million worth of invoicing each day all year round. We have had more than 100% customer growth. In fact, we welcomed more companies that there are workdays in the year. We are very proud and grateful for this.


Have you tried the newest features?

24 times we have published a new version of Xena in 2021. It's a mix of big and small features, along with improvements to the existing content. Here are a few highlights from the last six months.

Kickstart your fiscal with a ledger template. New fiscals can install a ledger template based on what fits your company type. In no time, you have all your ledger accounts in place for bookkeeping.

"Text snippets" help you quickly insert often used texts. Click the lightning icon in the text fields you see it (currently in task description and note) to insert texts you have saved. You could save texts you often use in your orders.

Budgeting in sales orders. Plan expenses for an order in the tab "Budget" and stay up-to-date in the tab "Statistics" if the expenses are within budget. If you use our project module, the budgets from orders are added together to form a project budget.

Create offers and confirmations from parts of an order. For a long time, it has been possible to create a partial invoice. Now you can do the same for offers and order confirmations.

Check if emails was delivered to customers and suppliers. In the details for a partner, you can view a log of the reports sent from Xena - like offers and invoices. Now you can see if these emails were successfully delivered or if an error occurred - just like you know it from e.g. WhatsApp.


We are just getting started

Our plans for 2022 are ambitious, and we are excited! Our dedicated staff continues to deliver. We will publish new features to our user already in the beginning of the new year. And even though we are busy making new stuff, we of cause also maintain the "engine", making sure it is stable and secure. 

Happy new year and thank you for using Xena!

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