How to organize documents in Xena

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Here is an overview of how to store and organize files, using relations, versions and folders.

Documentation proves your company's dealings. Having business deals in writing helps everybody to live to expectations. Many document their work using contracts, pictures and sheets. All these documents can be stored in Xena for safekeeping and easy access.

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Upload in context

Offers, order confirmations, invoices and payments are automatically stored with the order or project. You can upload your own files as well and save them in connection with partners, orders or projects.

Files landing in your inbox, can be moved to partners, orders, articles, other vouchers, employees, projects or fiscal periods. One file can have multiple relations.


Organize with folders

Recently, we released an update to introduce folders in our document management. In orders, you can create folders and save files in them.

If you are using the same folder structure on all orders, you can make standard folders. You can do the same in our project module. These standard folders will automatically be created on every new order or project. You can still customize the folders on every order or project, if needed.

With this new feature, you can define a set of folders that suit your work for every new order.


Save versions of files

Some documents may be updated from time to time. E.g. contracts. You can update files in Xena, just by uploading a new version. The newest version is then available from all related items.


Search in all files

What if you need a specific file, but you can't remember the name? If can remember some of the content, you can still easily find it.

From the "Document overview" tab in Xena, you can search across all files in the entire fiscal. It not only searches for file names, but also in the actual content of the files.


If you would like to try the accounting system Xena with its efficient and flexible document management, you can create a free account and get started right now.

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