About us • 15-04-2020

Our website for app developers

We have a website specially made for delevopers of apps and integrations in Xena.


We are very proud that more and more joins our adventure by making integrations and apps for Xena. Here are some of the latest examples:

  • Administration and booking of rental cars
  • Automated updates for order status
  • Debt collection administration
  • Live GPS tracking of company cars and mashinery
  • Point of sale solution
  • Salery solution
  • Presentation of key figures, KPIs and financial reports
  • And much more

To help new third party developers in the best way, we have a website for developers: dev.xena.biz.


Example code and design guide

The developers' website contains examples on how to get started. There are code samples for different programming languages, like ASP.NET Core and Classic as well as JavaScript.

A detailed list of all Xenas features in our API, is also available.

We also made is easy to design an app by providing our stylesheet. All elements are described in the design guide and code samples help you to quickly get started. 


New video: Your options to make apps in Xena

As the video above explains, we offer many options for developers. E.g. sending data to and from your system, freedom to placing plugins, advises and promotion. 

Learn more about the possibilities at our website for developers or contact us for more information.

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