About us • 26-07-2018

Xena – your colleague

An accounting system like Xena is involved all parts of a business.


We are super proud of every new user we get! It is a great compliment that you entrust us the task of delivering a platform for everybody to use in your company. We are very grateful for you picking us.

We are also aware of the responsibility – for Xena to be a part of your everyday activity we must deliver what you need. Our system should always be stable, accurate, secure and accessible.


Communication necessary

We believe that good communication with you – our user and customer – is crucial to live up to our responsibility and your expectations. Therefore, we strive to be present where you are.

For example we have been present on Twitter and YouTube for some time now. Until now, Twitterhas mostly contained announcements about maintenance. In the future we will use Twitter more general. On YouTube we publish videos that introduce you to features and teaches you how to use Xena.


New Facebook page

Recently we also joined Facebook. We will like to introduce ourselves to new users and have a two way communication with existing users. What works well? Have Xena helped you in some special way? Do you miss anything in Xena? Please, tells what you think. We would like to know, so we can get even better.

Please note: Our Facebook page is not for support. For support, please go to Xenapedia, see our videos or write to us via the online chat.

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