About us • 11-04-2019

Let's be playmates

Xena is a lot more than just another online ERP system. We are also a business hub, combining CRM, document handling, subscription administration and much more. Xena can many things, but we still need what you can do!

Whiteboard Development

We are on the lookout for playmates

For sure, you know your business very well. You know exactly how to run your store, have a lot to do and grow well. But, do you struggle to find suiting IT solutions? Many do.


Let's rethink together

Many companies have strict separations of workflows, planning, time and resource registration and finally invoicing/accounting. In reality, this is not practical.


With your business in mind, consider this…

  • Could your company save time on registration if all workflows supported the gathering of information in just one system?
  • Could you invoice more time/expenses if it was automatically registered on every order on the go?
  • Would you receive your money faster if the invoice was ready immediately after the job is completed?

We are looking for companies in every kind of business to help us develop something quite unique. If you supply the expertise, we supply the platform to grow your business.

With the Xena API almost every kind of system can be integrated with ours – machines, software or people, who should register or read from Xena.

Get in touch with us if you believe the time is ready for rethinking!

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