Introduction for Xena

Xena is a revolutionary way to organize and access your business. Many companies today are juggling with a mix of tools to run their business. Xena is a free online accounting system that also offers the possibility to integrate your current tools and solutions in the cloud.

Any business is based on networking. Invite contacts inside your business hub, share your knowledge and work smarter. Xena offers you a flexible document management system and a platform for dialogue with colleagues, business partners and customers. Search for companies and contacts that you want to add to your network. It's easy!

Anyone can use Xena; from small companies to international groups. You can share anything across departments, countries and continents.

Keep track of clients, communicate and create profits through insight and intelligence. Xena gives an excellent overview of your business so you can make the right decisions. No matter where you are, you can check your Xena account and access updated information about orders, tasks and economics.

Creating your business hub in Xena is free! For a small monthly fee you can add additional users as a colleague in sales, marketing or an accountant.

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