New apps in Xena help you scheduling


The apps Calendar and Project module are now available in Xena App Store.

We are constantly working on new ideas and receive good feedback from our users. We are happy to introduce some new features in our cloud accounting solution, making it easy to plan your work.

LEARN MORE: Project management and scheduling in Xena.


NEW: Calendar for scheduling in Xena

After installing the app Calendar and time registration in your Xena fiscal, every employee can plan his/her work day. The calendar can also help invoice the exact amount of time spend on completing tasks.

To learn more about the new calendar and its features, please go to Xenapedia.


NEW: Project management in Xena

The apps Project module and Project management is designed to handle both small and big projects. A project consists of one or more orders, as you know them in Xena. By means of project types and expense registration you can keep track of a projects budget and revenue.

Please, go to Xenapedia to learn more about the project management features in Xena.


Available to all

These new apps are available now in the Xena App Store. Please sign in and navigate to Apps > Xena App Store to find them.

  • Calendar and time registration: 79 DKK per month
  • Project module: 499 DKK per fiscal
  • Project management: 299 per month

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