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Your business hub

Use CrediWire

Measure your company growth

Free integration between CrediWire and Xena gives you a strong tool for analyzing your company's progress.

Benefits in the cloud

Top 5: Benefits of accounting in the cloud

Some find it scary switching to cloud based accounting software. Let us present you with the top five befits of doing just that.

Business reports

Gain greater insight of your business

Four ways to get to know your company better.

Accountant module

Accountant module

Are you an accountant? Then we invite you to take a closer look at what Xena can offer you as an accounting company.

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Greater efficiency

Work more efficient

Five ways to ease your workday

Many tasks in a company are done again and again. How can our online accounting solution help you deal with this more easily? Here are five ways.

Avoid out of stock

How to avoid "out of stock"

70 % of consumers just move on to you competitor if do not have articles in stock.

Improved calendar

Use Xena for scheduling

We have developed a new, better version of our scheduling calendar.

Scan articles

Use barcodes and scan your articles

Use barcodes to register articles on a purchase or sales order. Now it is much quicker to register articles on orders!

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The people behind

Your colleague Xena

Xena – your colleague

An accounting system like Xena is involved all parts of a business.

Xena priorities integrations

Xena priorities integrations

Integrations are incredibly important and we have taken another step to make Xena easy to integrate with.

Xena Premium

Xena is now Premium!

All Xena Premium users can get personal phone support. New expanded options for stock management, voucher reading and storage.

Why is Xena free?

You may need to get used to it. Before, nothing in life was free. But Google, Skype, Facebook and YouTube are examples of the opposite. For most users these services are free.

ALSO SEE: About us and contact.

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Shipping camping eqquipment

Online shop ships 15,000 packages every year

Integrations is key for the online shop, in their automated web shop with more than 3,000 articles.


Nowas handles 20,000+ items

This is the story of Nowas in Løgstør, Denmark. They use our software to control the business, inventory and logistic in order to grow further.

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