What is SPF and why is that important to me?


SPF stands for “Sender Policy Framework”. It’s a method used to confirm the sender of an email and thereby reduce SPAM. Xena obey the rules of SPF.

When sending an email from Xena (an invoice, offer or alike) it is sent by Xena on behalf of your personal or company’s email account. In the sender field of your emails, it will say: "mail@xena.dk on behalf of [your_email@your_domain.com]." You may not want this information to be visible to the recipient, but without your help, Xena do not have any other options.

If you want to remove the "on behalf of" message and minimize the risk of your emails landing in the SPAM filter, you need to give Xena permission to send an email from your domain. Technically speaking, this is done by creating DNS records on your domain. Xena can’t help with that, but your domain provider can to it for you (refer them to this page) or you can do it yourself if you have access to a DNS administration tool for your domain.

Notice: This guide only applies if you have your own domain. If you use service providers like Gmail and Hotmail you cannot remove the "on behalf of" message.


SPF records

Add Xena’s partner for email distribution to your SPF record by adding "include:sendgrid.net". If you don’t have any other SPF records, make a new TXT record with the same name (“hostname”) as your domain and set the value for:

v=spf1 include:sendgrid.net ~all

If you already a SPF record, insert the "include:sendgrid.net" right before "~all", like this:

v=spf1 include:somedomain.com include:otherdomain.com include:sendgrid.net ~all


DKIM records

Next step is to create DKIM records. Add another TXT record with the following name ("hostname"):


Make sure to replace "yourdomain.com" with the domain name you are editing these DNS record.

Set the value of the DKIM record to:

k=rsa; t=s; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDPtW5iwpXVPiH5FzJ7Nrl8USzuY9zqqzjE0D1r04xDN6qwziDnmgcFNNfMewVKN2D1O+2J9N14hRprzByFwfQW76yojh54Xu3uSbQ3JP0A7k8o8GutRF8zbFUA8n0ZH2y0cIEjMliXY4W4LwPA7m4q0ObmvSjhd63O9d8z1XkUBwIDAQAB

Usually DNS record works after a few hours.


NOTE: Once you have verified that both of the above records are set up, your emails sent from Xena will not end up in the recipient's spam filter. However, we have found that an inserted DMARC record can interfere, so if you find that emails are still spam filtering, you may need to remove this DMARC record.

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