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”Reports” are everything you can print or send as PDF from Xena. You can use our standard with your own logo or create your own forms.

Do you want standard or custom designed reports? With Xena, you can modify your reports the simple way by adding logo and changing colors or do more advance stuff and design your own reports and printing forms.


How to get your logo on reports

Professionals designed the reports in Xena. It is easy to customize them to match your company. Just upload an image of your logo (typically “.jpg”) to your business profile, and then all forms will feature your logo.

You can upload your logo in two ways:

  • Go to Company > Business profile and edit the “Basic data”.
  • Go to Setup > Reports and edit the “Report setup”.

In the Report setup, you can also edit the colors to match your logo. Right away you can see the result in the example on the right.


Change the colors on your reports

It is easy to change the colors in the reports. To pick a new color, click on the color code you want to change and pick the new color in the palette. Click “Ok” to set the color.


Advanced report settings

In Xena, you also have the option to design your very own reports. It is a bit more complex, but thereare almost no limits for what you can do:

  • Your own design
  • Other languages
  • More pictures and logos
  • Your own email body content
  • Fit to preprinted paper

To create your own reports:

  1. Click “Create” under “Custom reports” in Setup > Reports.
  2. Enter a name for the report and set the “Group”.
  3. Now the new report is created. To modify it, download or live edit the XSLT code. An XSLT report consist of two parts: The XML containing data (provided from Xena) and the XSL, which is the design. There are multiple XLST design tools available on the internet. Both free and paid.

When viewing a custom report, you can edit the layout inside Xena. For example, edit the labels or translate to a foreign language. Underneath the online editing box, you can upload your own XSLT file.

If it gets too complicated to make this XSLT file but you really need your own design, please contain our support team. We can guide you to some partners who can help you out.

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