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Automatically receive reports


Let Xena send you the latest reports automatically every month.

The automatic reports feature, Xena render reports automatically and send them via email to all selected subscribers. Automatic reports are available for the following reports:

  • Balance
  • Financial account specification
  • Balance list
  • Partner balance, sorted by due date


Setup automatic reports

Go to Settings > Reports.

Scroll down to the box "Reports" and select the tab "Automatic reports". Click the button "Create" or edit an existing entry.

Fill out the description and choose the date for rendering the reports and how often it should be done.

Note: Balance reports are based for the previous period. If, for example, first report is rendered in January and the interval is set for one month, the data is from December. A three months' interval will use the previous three months, and so on.

Enter the email address for each subscriber of this report.

Beside the balance, you can select other reports to render at the same time.

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