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Partial settlements and payments


Partial settlements and payments

Below you can see examples of how to make partial settlements and partial payments in Xena.


Partial payment from the ledger entry

By using the ledger entry you can make a partial settlement if you receive a payment that only covers a part of one or more invoices. It might be that a customer has only partially paid the due balance.

When you are settling a received payment with multiple invoices, you must choose which invoice the remaining open amount must be registered on:


Partial payments from the order 

There are two ways to partial settle a payment directly from the order. 

The first option is from the process order dialog when invoicing an order. It is possible to register a payment in the same process. After selecting the payment account, it is possible to change the automatic set amount (the total invoice amount incl. VAT), to whatever amount you want to settle.

The difference between the invoice amount and the paid amount is now calculated. And after posting the partial payment, it will be possible to see the open remaining amount on the partner.


The second option is to register a payment directly from the order. If several invoices have been created from the same order, you can choose which invoices are covered by the payment. Then you choose which account the payment should be posted on. You can now edit in the automatically deposited amount so that the amount matches what is paid in total.

If the partial payment covers several invoices, you must at the bottom choose which of the invoices the remaining balance is to be registered on.


Partial settlement from the partner

From the partner it is possible to create both partial settlements and partial payments. The feature is placed in the menu by the partner balance.

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