Invite partners with Xena Connect

Learn how to invite your partners to join Xena and gain unique options.

When you create a partner in your fiscal, you have the option to send him an invitation to join Xena. The invitation is send via email and contains a link to sign up for a free Xena account. Just like when you signed up for Xena. We call this feature Xena Connect.

The partner can see and edit his contact information – data that you can use. If the partner updates his information (like adds a phone number or edit an address), you will receive a notification. The notification will show you the new data and you have the option to use this new information.

When sending an invoice to the partner, he can see it in his Xena account. You can share other kind of documents too: contracts, offers, images, etc. The partner can edit Word and Excel files inside Xena, if you grant the permission.

Your partner can also create his own fiscal in Xena. If your partner is using Xena, invoices can be exchanged online. All for free.

Notice the tab “Documents”. There you can see the files you and your partner shares.

In Xena you can also invite other users and your accountant.

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