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Create a specific currency ledger tag


Currencies can present some challenges, e.g. registration of exchange gains and losses.

As standard, Xena registers and bookkeeps gains and losses automatically in the Currency differences ledger tag. In some cases, you may want to create your own ledger tags to handle exchange gains and losses.


How to setup ledger tags for handling gains and losses

Go to Ledger > Account overview > Account overview. Create a new ledger tag, for example in the group “Financial costs”. Please notice the “Tag type” should be set to “Currency differences”.

Now, when registering a payment, you can do manual calculations of exchange gains/losses. First, mark the invoices to settle.

Then, enter the actual amount withdrawn (so the bank matches).

When clicking in the field “Currency differences”, Xena calculates the difference and you can now click on “Create payment”.

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