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Course for getting started in Xena

Want help on getting started in Xena? Get a 2 hour online and personal course!

2 hours

Personal teacher

In your own fiscal

2 hour personal course

Let us help you get started in Xena by an personal online course on your own computer. Is costs 400 euros.

It is a 2 hour personal course held via your own computer. An accounting expert will call you up and help you setup everything from printing to ledger accounts in your fiscal. You will be trained in how orders, offers and invoicing works in Xena and how to get the most of Xena’s unique bookkeeping possibilities.

When we call you, we'll share your screen. That gives you a unique one-to-one course which focuses on the things you and your company needs.

Sign up

If you would like to take the course, signup by writing us at We will contact you to arrange a time appropriate for you and a Xena supporter.


We recommend having these things ready for the course. It is not mandatory, just recommendations.

  • Settle on a start date for using Xena
  • A logo
  • Your financial balance
  • Lists of balances for customers and suppliers
  • Inventory lists
  • Excel or text files of inventory, if relevant

Terms and conditions

This course is about using Xena – not how to do accounting. We don’t teach bookkeeping or bookkeep for you. We don’t advice regarding taxes or other accounting related questions. Use an accountant for that kind of stuff. Always use an experienced bookkeeper if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

The course may not take longer than 2 hours. The course are delivered as 1 call even if does not take 2 full hours. The course costs 400 euros + taxes.