Xena Free


Max. 1 user
  • Only online support
  • Scanning of 10 assets per month
  • Max 20 active ledger tags
  • Stock control on 10 articles
  • Free auditor access
Xena Premium

19.99 EUR

per user/month
  • Personal support via email or chat
  • Unlimited scanning of assets
  • No limits on ledger tags
  • Unlimited stock control
  • Free API key


All paying users of Xena have access to support via email and chat. If you are a free user you have two options to get support: Either pay for support or add another user. (You only pay for the remaining of the month.)

Besides paid support you can find answers to most typical questions for free in our FAQ and Xenapedia which contains a number of articles explaining Xena.

It is free to create an unlimited number of fiscals in Xena. Only when you need more than one user in a fiscal you need a subscription.

There is no limit for how many users you can add to your Xena Premium fiscal. Every additional user costs only 19,99 EUR + VAT per month. If you have Xena Free, you can only add your accountant and bank advisor, but no employees.

Xena can be used for free. So there are no regretting in Xena. Subscription for Xena is paid ahead and can not be refunded.

You can cancel your subscription for Xena anytime. It must be done at least one day before the start of a new month. We guarantee we can give you your data if you cancel your subscription.

No. At any given time you can quit using Xena. You own your data and they are not locked to our system so you can take your data with you if you want to.

The price depends on your needs. Your personal user account is free and you can create as many fiscal you want.

The Xena Premium subscription gives some extra features and better service for only 19,99 EUR + VAT per month. With Xena Premium you can also add more users to the fiscal. Every additional user you add to the fiscal costs only 19,99 EUR + VAT per month. You only pay for the rest of the month and can cancel at any time.

Xena have everything you need build in. With Xena Premium, you even get unlimited access to all features. We also got apps – both free and paid – witch can further enhance and add different features.

We value trust. In Xena you see exactly what you pay for and adjust according to your need.

LEARN MORE: The Xena App Store.

Yes, but it is not recommended. Your username and password is personal and gives access to information and features that may be irrelevant to others. Your login gives access to more that your fiscal. In Xena you can create multiple fiscal setups - they too will be accessible if your share your login with others. Also, access to external fiscals that partners gave you access to - those are not relevant for third party.

Besides, Xena gives you the possibility to assign documents, emails and Dropbox to your user account. We doubt you want other persons to have access to these. Last but not least, for safety reasons your login can only be used by one user at a time.

It's easy to switch from your old accounting system to Xena. Transmit your data via CSV formatted files.

Xena works on computers, tablets and smartphones, as long you have internet access.

The best way for you as an accountant be connected to a clients' fiscal is to be invited by the client. It's done in the "user memberships" section and setting your access role to "accountant". You'll then receive an email. You can combine this new access with your existing user account; then you have access to all your clients using Xena.

Learn more about accountant connection in Xena.

New stuff is coming to Xena all the time. When we release something new we write about it on our blog.

We take good care of your data. We make backup every night and store it in another datacenter. Besides that, Xena uses 128but SSL encryption of all trafic between your browser and our servers. Read more about our secure platform here.

Xena is an online accounting system developed in Denmark. The goal is to save you precious time!

We combine bookkeeping, stock management, document management, customer database and communication in one efficient business hub. Then you can focus on working with your colleagues, partners, accountants, banks and bookkeepers.

Yes, you can pull reports and list of postings. Most importantly you have the option to send data directly to CaseWare.

In Xenapedia you can learn more about accountant connection.

Yes, and it is very easy with Xena. We made an application that transfers your data from Microsoft Dynamics C5 directly to your Xena fiscal.

As many as you have. In Xena you can manage your articles in groups, create accessories (like driving) and control variants (like size and colors).

Yes, just connect a barcode scanner to your device. Barcodes can be used for setting quantities on both buying and sale orders.

Yes. In Xena you can split a single order into multiple orders, merge multiple open order into one, or collect different order lines form one or multiple orders and make a new order from them.

Yes, by setting up a subscription for you customer in Xena with an interval for sending an invoice.

Please read about subscriptions.

Yes, with Xena your customers can pay you online, and it automatically gets booked.

LEARN MORE: Online payment in Xena.

Yes, pretty much. You still have to click “approve”, but Xena can do the rest. When you or a partner send a voucher to you in Xena, Xena stores and reads the voucher. The information will be typed automatically. 

Xena is designed to work in all moderns browsers. Normally it is not necessary to do anything in order to use Xena, but we do have a few recommendations:

  • Xena is developed for Google Chrome. You will get the best performance in Chrome. But it is not mandatory.
  • Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Xena uses many newer features and does not work optimally in old browsers.
  • Make sure that "https://*.xena.biz" has the needed permissions. In some browsers with certain security settings it can be necessary to open op for some permissions to get the best experience.
  • If you experience issues please check if antivirus software, VPN firewall or security settings could be causing Xena not working optimal. If the problem continues feel free to contact support via chat.
  • Xena works on all platforms which have a HTML5 compatible browser (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackbarry, Windows Phone, Nokia and others).

Yes! Please go to the developer section for API documentation.

Xena is a little different. They have in mind the whole process in a company. They think a little beyond. If you are considering a new IT system, I highly recommend you to have a look on Xena’s possibilities.

Mark Donslund, Nowas

We are an association with 73 departments and approximately 1200 members. Xena makes it easy to charge membership fees as subscription automatically once a year. It is also a great tool for maintaining an overview of members and the economy.

Coding Pirates

We are two partners in this company. By means of Xena, we always have a clear overview of customers, annexes and the economy. It is very easy to use – even for non-accounting types.

Jasper Dyg, Public Image Aps

One price fits all

One user is free

Xena Free is access to all basic features and all updates! New and small companies can use Xena for free. Of cause we hope your business will grow and need more users in Xena, later on.


Additional users for one price

With Xena Premium, you can benefit from working with others in Xena. Now more can create partners, orders, articles and invoices. You can assign an unlimited number of users to your fiscal, all with specific roles.

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