Project management

Group multiple orders in projects.

Group orders in projects

With the project module, you can group multiple orders in a project. This adds a new dimention to your sales orders. Now you can have a larger overview of bigger jobs.

Plan every single order and task and assign them to the employees or teams who should do the work.


Accurate calculation

Import or create accurate calculations of projects, orders and tasks. All registered costs will be compared to the calculation. This way, you are in complete control of how much money you earn on the project.


Project status

Keep an eye on the progress of your projects. Status labels makes it easy to see if the plan is on track or if someone needs help to make the deadline. 

Projects consists of orders and tasks. Everyone of these also has status labels. Together they make up the complete project's status.


Invoice from project level

Send out invoices for a complete project across orders. You can send invoices whenever the tasks are done or as a pay on account, where the customer pays in advance.

You can invoice the customer time and expenses, registered on the single tasks. This way, you will never miss some revenue.


Other useful features

  • Registrer costs. All expenses are registrered and approved. Use it to cover your costs by invoicing the customer.

  • Make budgets and define margins. Keep an eye on margins and stay on budget on project, order and task level.

  • Advanced reports. Get quick and easy reports and statistics about costs, project status, time registration and much more.


How to get project module in Xena

Project management is an addon to the standard Xena accounting system. Go to the app store in Xena to install the apps.

App Price per fiscal Price per user
Project module 499,00 DKK/mo 299,00 DKK/mo
Project administration   299,00 DKK/m0

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