Calendar and time registration

Plan and assign tasks in the Xena calendar. Get rid of physical time registration sheets by using our online material and time registration system.

Flexible planning

All tasks in an order can be planned in the company calendar in Xena. Describe what should be done, when and where. You have options to pass on notes for the employee and send reminders to the customer about an upcomming appointment.


Assign to teams or specific employees

Tasks in the calendar can be assigned to a specific employee or a group of employees (e.g. a team). Then the team can self-manage who and when the task shuold be done.


Digital time sheets

With out solution there is no longer need for employees to submit time sheets on paper. Online time registration on every task will not be forgotten or lost.

Online time registration ensures higher accuracy and therefore better invoices to the customer.


Invoice costs of materials

All materials purchased and used can be registrered on projects, orders and tasks. Use this information to invoice the customer more accuratly. Also, you have options to pull reports and statistics on materials used.


Approval procedure

Setup smart rules for who should approve registrered times, materials and expenses and how much they are allowed to approve. Now, nothing can slip through unnoticed.


How to get calendar and time registration in Xena

The calendar and time registretion features are addons for the standard Xena accounting solution. Go to our appstore to install the app.

App Price per fiscal Price per user
Calendar and time registration   79,00 DKK/mo

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