Apps and integrations

Apps and integrations are additional features i Xena, or synchronizes data from orther systems to present them in one place.

Make your perfect system

Tie the ends

Connect Xena with your webshop, phone system, CRM and other important corporate systems. It gives you just one place to overview and maintain your data. Go to Xena App Store to install integrations.

GUIDE: How to use Xena App Store.

The unique two-way integration with Xena enables your webshop to show current stock status, and your webshop can create orders in Xena. Integrations relief you from the pain of maintaining multiple systems. All is gathered in one place. Our API is powerful and can talk with almost any other system. 

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Partner with us!

We would very much like to partner up with you to create an integration between Xena and your system. On our page about our API, you can learn about the technical stuff.

LEARN MORE: Developer site.

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