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Expand the possibilities with apps for Xena and do even more.

Gain more features and connect systems

Expand the possibilities

With apps for Xena you can get new or expanded options. Apps like “Important dates” are very convenient and reminds you to do tax and VAT reporting.

Apps lets Xena talk with other systems like phones or webshops or just show information from other systems used in the company.

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More is coming

New apps are added frequently. Stop by the Xena App Store the see the new possibilities. The Xena App Store have both free and paid apps. You can make your own apps as well. Make them for private use or publish them that other Xena users may benefit from them.

Selected apps

Project management and planning

With our new apps for project management and planning in calendar you get an even better overview of economics and better control of your workday.

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For developers

Want to make an app?

Contribute to Xena and get a share

We invite developers to make use of the Xena API to create apps or integrations for Xena. The possibilities are endless! As creator of an app, you decide how much users should pay for it.

Please read more at our developer website. There you can get started quickly and develop your first app for Xena.

LEARN MORE: Go to dev.xena.biz.

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