Subscription management

If you sell articles or services on a regular basis, you will love the subscription monument in Xena.


Subscriptions automatically creates orders or invoices when the time has come to renew it. Subscriptions in Xena is very flexible and can run per year, quarterly or every month.

Send invoices automatically

Get rid of boring repeating tasks: Set up orders as subscriptions in Xena. The system is very flexible and can send out invoices automatically every year, quarter or month.

A subscription is almost the same as an order and just as flexible. The difference is that Xena remembers when to make a new invoice to the customer. It is send directly to the costumer, who can pay online.

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Collect automatically

With subscription management, you can easier collect fees from for example union members. Your members can pay online. You can collect money easier than ever and bookkeep it on the go.

Others, who regularly charge customers a fixed amount can also benefit from the subscription management in Xena. For example if you sell licenses, support or services like cleaning or removing snow.

Integrate with Xena Subscription Management

Just like all the other features in Xena, you can manage subscriptions via Xena’s API. Make use of that in integrations with web shops that sell products or services as a recurring event.