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Inventory management

Xenas build-in inventory management helps you shipping the right articles and register what you receives.

Complete online inventory management

Manage inventory

Xena is one of the few online accounting systems that offers actual inventory management: Quatity and value, automatic reordering, reserving articles, control of the physical stock, lists, partly delivering, partly receiving, partly invoicing, supplier prices, alias numbers, barcodes, counting and much more!


Automatically reordering from suppliers

Xena knows when you should order new stuff from your suppliers to meet the demand. Xena automatically prepares an order to the right suppliers – even with the suppliers own article numbers, if different from yours. You just need to review the order and receive the articles. 

Article administration

Articles and article groups

Create articles or import them from other systems or by CSV files. Arrange the articles in groups to keep track of the sales. When you receive or sell articles, the inventory status is automatically updated. Even if the articles has been delivered before the voucher is booked.


Prices and discounts

Xena has advanced options for controlling prices and discounts from a variety of parameters. For example quantity discounts, special agreements to loyal customers or campaign prices for fixed periods.

Efficient in everyday use

Use barcodes

Turn up the efficiency by using barcodes to register articles in orders. You can also assign barcodes to different quantities – giving fast access to sell just one piece or a six-pack.

LEARN MORE: Use barcodes in Xena.


Integrate with webshops

Xena is the perfect companion for your online store. When an order is placed in the shop, Xena tells you what orders can be delivered right away and witch needs additional articles. Xena sends the inventory status back to the online store.