Complete online inventory management

Xena gives you great overview of your inventory, what to be ordered and to be shipped.


As one of the only online accounting systems, Xena offers full size inventory management with all the necessary features to make stock count useful.

In theory, it is simple: You buy three bananas; sell two of them and you got one left. However, everyone who have worked with inventory knows there is a lot more to it.


Xena holds a complete inventory management system:

  • Amount and value
  • Reordering (min. and max. amount in stock)
  • Order suggestions based on confirmed sales
  • Reservation of articles
  • Locations with option for multiple actual departments
  • Count lists
  • Part delivery, part reception, part invoicing
  • Split and merge purchase and sales orders
  • Wholesaler prices
  • Alias article numbers
  • Barcodes
  • Counting system
  • … and much more!

You can import files with prices and articles from C5, economic or CSV/text files.


Hooked up to your webshop

Inventory in Xena is the perfect solution to work with your online shop. When an order is created in the shop, Xena gives you a smart overview of which orders can be delivered right away and which misses articles.

The automatic reordering overview suggests what articles to order in order to reach your minimum stock count and being able to deliver confirmed sale orders.

Xena automatically keeps control of the finances

When articles go in to stock and when they are used, stock count and article use is regulated. Xena also handles articles delivered before the ordered is booked. That way stock and actives in your finances always match.

Besides inventory management, Xena also have advanced price and discount setting options. Set prices from a variety of parameters – like amount, currency, discounts, campaigns and much more.