Project management and planning

Organize work in projects and make a budget. Assign orders and tasks to employees. Plan the work and register time.

Calendar and time registration along Project module and Project administration is available as apps in the Xena App store.

Organize and plan

Group orders as projects

To group orders in projects give better economical overview. This feature is especially useful in projects like construction, tender tasks or just grouping orders from a specific customer. Whether the project is created before or after the orders does not matter.

The status overview for projects gives you a clear view of the progress of each project and each order in the project.


Plan the work in a shared calendar

Plan the workday for every employees. Activities in the calendar can have an article number, so the time spend can be invoiced. If an activity is spanning across a break, the task time is automatically expanded. Working hours, vacations and absence can be set for every employee. 

Make a budget and stick to it

Review and approve expenses and hours

The project types you create have their own coverage rate. Xena show you up to date information about the projects economy based on registered time, materials used and other expenses in connection with the project. All expenses can go through an approval process.

Expenses impacts the overall consumption of a project. These can be invoiced to the customer.

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