Online payment

With Xena, your customers can pay you online.

Secure and easy paying invoices

Beneficial for all parts

Xena works with ePay to give you and your customers an online payment solution with top security and accessibility. Accept payments by most common credit cards.

Your partners can see invoices from you in Xena and pay quickly and securely via Xena. Right away you can see if the invoice is paid and bookkeep in one workflow.

Help to collect your money

Automatic reminders

Another feature helping you to get your money quicker is automatic reminders. Xena keep an eye on your invoices if they are paid on time. If not Xena sends a reminder to the partner. You can control when the reminders are send and how many.


More payers and partly payment

An order can have multiple payers or be split to be paid in smaller portions. Orders in Xena are very flexible – they can be split into multiple invoices or multiple orders can be merged into one order.

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