Offers, orders, invoices and reminders

A great financial overview of incomes and expenses. You can use Xena for purchase and sales orders plus ordinary features like sending offers, invoices and reminders.


Here we explain the solutions that can help you to keep track of the finances in your company.

Easy access to invoices

Of cause, you can send invoices as PDF via email. However, you can also give your partner online access to Xena so he can see invoices, history, balance, documents, contact information and so on.

Updated overview of your stock

All orders updates the inventory. When you activate stock management of your products, they will be regulated automatically.

If you want it, Xena can view the difference between invoicing and delivering. That means that a product can have been delivered without been invoiced. Or opposite. It’ll be handled correct in both the stock and fiscal.

One becomes many

In Xena, one order can become many invoices.

That means you can have a big project in just one order but invoice as the work progresses – without losing the overview.

Part invoicing locks parts of the order, but you can still add to the order for later invoicing.

Earmarking of order lines

Xena can “earmark” order lines. It means that selected lines in an order can have set another payer.

When the order is invoiced you’ll get two invoices: One for the main customer and one for the other payer. The invoice contains the lines to be paid. There are no limit for additional payers.

Manageable product lines

Product lines can be grouped into tasks, which makes a big order easier to deal with. An order can be split into as many tasks you’ll like.