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Orders, offers and invoices

Everything you buy and sell is handled by orders in Xena. All is gathered in one place and it is easy to organize the work.

Stay in control

One order – multiple phases

Use Xena to keep control of both purchasing and sale orders. From one order you can create offers, confirmations, invoices and reminders. All orders automatically updates the stock, if you uses stock management in Xena.


Keep all up to date

Order status is an really easy feature to use and a great help to keep track of orders. Follow the progress of all orders or customize the view to show only orders relevant for you. Orders can be assigned so all knows what to do.

Organize the work and stay on budget

Create projects and assign tasks

Orders can be assigned. Devide orders in tasks. You can group large tasks into projects. Keep track of the budget for each project and see through the expenses.

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Split or merge

Both purchase and sales orders can be splitted and become multiple invoices. Or vice versa: Multiple orders can be merged and become one invoice.

Easy for everyone

Flexible payment options

An order can have multiple payers. Mark the order lines which another partner should pay. As the work progress you can invoice parts of the order. Your partners can view invoices and pay online via Xena.

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