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Synchronize data from all your systems and collect it in one place to avoid working in many different applications.

Connect your webshop, ERP, CRM and other important tools in your company with Xena. Then you have only one place to easily overview and maintain your business' data. No need to maintain data in multiple applications. You can tie your tools together by pulling data from one system to another – working both ways.

A major feature in Xena is to offer your more ways to integrate your tools. You can look forward to connect Xena with webshops, Exchange server, Dropbox, Google Drive, IP phone and more.

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Selected apps

How to use apps in Xena

Place apps in the right context.

Install an app from Xena App Store: The app you need, may already exist. Install it from the Xena App Store and you are done!

Create an app you need: If you need a very specific feature, you can build an app and share it only internally.

Create an app and share it with the world: If you have an app that others might benefit from, you can publish it in the Xena App Store.

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Unique two-way integration

Xena is taking the lead by offering two-way integration. Of cause, your system can talk to Xena. Xena can also talk back to your system! An example: Your stock count is visible in your webshop, and your webshop can create orders in Xena. That means that sale, articles and payment are bookkept and updated in one single process.

By integrating with Xena you do not need to maintain data in different applications. It is all gathered in one place. The Xena API is massive and can talk with practically any other system.

For this, and many other reasons, many different kind of businesses are using Xena and the features it offers.

Are you a developer?

Create an app for Xena and earn money! On our page about our API, you can read about the open Xena API, the technical stuff, see wanted apps and help building them.

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