Financial reports

Insights of company productivity and turnover is the basis for growth. The different financial reports you can print from Xena gives you this insight.

Reports giving insights

Pull key numbers from the fiscal

Many factors influence a fiscal. In the accounting program Xena you can pull reports with all the difference key numbers regarding finance, partners, articles, inventory and projects. The reports tell you about balance, statistics, coverage, turnover and expenses.

You can choose to get the figures in a print ready PDF or the raw data to work with in Excel.


Automatic reports sent to your inbox

Get the newest reports sent to your inbox automatically. You decide how often and who should receive them. This way you can act quickly on the insight you gain from the reports.

Design your reports and prints

Custom report design

Custom design your reports to match the look of your company. You are free to change logo and colors, which applies for all prints and reports. You can adjust reports by adding additional texts or choose other designs. If your company have unique needs you can create your own custom made reports with data from Xena.


Print in the language of your partner

"Reports" in Xena includes invoices. All these reports are available in multiple languages. If you have foreign partners, customers and suppliers, you can specify which language they want in their reports. Send French invoices, Danish order confirmations or Swedish year reports.

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