Throw out your binders!

It is piece of cake to find, share and edit. Xena helps you to work smarter and faster. Here it is easy to find, share and edit the documents you need.


In Xena all entities can have documents assigned to partners, orders, products, vouchers, etc. That means you always have documents where you need them in connection with cases, context, vouchers, clients, orders and users.

Xena manages your documents

In every company there are tons of documents that must be saved securely. It can be vouchers, offers, agreements, budgets, pictures, contracts and more. Where do you keep them so you can find them again? Xena has a solution.

Xena saves your documents where they belong. The voucher with the posting. The contract with the employee or supplier. The agreement with the customer. With Xena you are in control of your documents once and for all, because they are stored where you need them.

Go back in history

All versions of documents are stored so you can find an earlier version or restore a previous version of the file.

Edit documents

In Xena you have an online editor for standard files as .docx/.doc and .xslx/.xsl. Support of more files types are coming. It enables you edit documents on to go. When you save your changes a new version is stored.

Share your knowledge with others

You can share any document with others, like partners and other users. This is very useful when making a contract or cooperation agreement.