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Document handling

Store documents in Xena, edit online and share with your partners. Xena helps sharing knowledge across the company.

Keep track of documents

Store files where they are relevant

Share files on partners, orders, articles, vouchers and others. It could be receives, offers, agreements, budgets, pictures, contracts and more. Then you all ways have them where you need them. Save the files on the post, contracts on the employee, supplier or customer.


File history

All files in Xena have audit trail, enabling you to see the development or go back to a previous version. 


Super search

Find the files you need: Filter by date, name or search in the content of files. Yes, Xena helps you find the right documents even if you do not know the file name. It is enougth to remember some of the content.

Always with you

Share with others

You can share all files with others, like partners and other users. That is very clever when creating agreements and contracts.


Syncronize with Dropbox

Xena can access your Dropbox. That gives you even greater flexibility on who you want to share files with.