Never miss the point

Always available and correct information returns to profit.


Knowledge is valuable if stored in a way you can find it again. To offer the best service, demands to have the right information near you and easy to find. See all that have happened, been exchanged and said. Xena saves all the important information to make you and your customers happy.

Xena gives you full traceability in history concerning financial information like payments, balance, reminders and more. It enables you to share knowledge and find detailed information about a specific partner. All documents, emails and comments can be added to a partner. It makes it easy to give efficient support.

All basic data are automatically updated by means of company databases or the partner itself.

Who, when and why

Xena is audit trailing everything. All changes are logged with “old value vs. new value”. It gives you the possibility to see in detail who have changed anything from orders, products, partners, etc., as well as when they were changed.

Xena is a social hub

In Xena you need speding time at creating customers. Thay are allready created, you just add them. You invite and adds yout customers, suppliers and partners like you know it from a social network.

That way your partner, customer or suppliers can see invoices, account status and pay invoices online directly to you. You can share documents like contracts, offers, projects or pictures. Your partners can update their information.

Other partners like your accountant, banker and adviser are also welcome in Xena. You decide what they need to have access to.

Xena grow along with you

Most online invoice and accounting systems are made for smaller companies. Xena is a little different. Use it easy and for free as a new small company. But Xena can also handle heavy tasks.

You can do project and department accounting, inventory control on multiple stock houses, locations and departments, work in different time zones and much more. So your company can continue to use Xena as you grow.

There are more benefits: Your company don’t need to invest in larger versions of Xena or extra modules and servers. Weather you have 1, 10, 100 or 1.000 employees does not matter. Just add the staff you need. Xena is designed to handle thousands of users at the same time!