Users and communication

Always available and correct information coverts to profit.

Xena is the common platform in your company

Xena grows with you

Xena is a little different: You can use Xena as a startup, but actually Xena is designed to cope with big business.

Have project or department fiscals, stock management on multiple buildings, locations and departments, currency control, all working across time zones and much more. Your company can continue using Xena even when you grow. It does not matter whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees. Xena is build to handle thousands of users at the same time.


Everybody has a role

All users in a Xena fiscal can have a role that matches their job in the company. The roles make Xena custom made for exactly their tasks. Assign roles like administrator, bookkeeper, stock manager, sales person and others.

Precise communication

History tracking

Having correct information available and overview of past events helps providing a good customer service. Xena keeps track of all events like payments, reminders, etc. View details like who, when and what was changed on everything on orders, articles, customers, etc.

All users in the fiscal can exchange knowledge and find information. All files, emails or comments can be added to a partner, making it easy to provide efficient service.


Up to date information for all

Contact information is automatically updated via public databases or by the partners themselves. Your partners can update their own data in Xena. Invite and connect with them so they can see invoices, accounts and bay bills from you online. You can share documents like contracts, offers, projects and pictures. Your accountant and bank advisor is also welcome to join for free and follow your economy.

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