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An accounting system in the cloud

Make better decisions based on insights. Xena is an online accounting system that gives you great financial overview and support the workflow in your company. With Xena you can work more efficiently.

Minimize time spend typing

Automatic bookkeeping

Would you like to save time on the typing when bookkeeping? Of cause! Take a picture or scan vouchers, then Xena stores them in the cloud. Bookkeep with just a few clicks. Then Xena reads the data! Xena registers date, invoice number, supplier, amount and alike. You just click the bookkeep button.


Transfer bank account posts

Transfer bank account posts by upload. Xena matches the posts with orders and expenses in the fiscal. Xena gives you an efficient and easy bank reconciliation.

Turn up the efficiency

Just start right now

You do not need to set up a complete ledger journal before you can use Xena. Just begin using Xena! Xena helps you creating the necessary ledger tags when you need them. Xena also have a regular journal, but it is optimized for fast work, thanks to intelligent suggestions and keyboard shortcuts.

LEARN MORE: Read the Get started guide.


Be in control of VAT and taxes

Xena can handle all different VAT rates, tax-free sales and customs. Xena can also automatically calculate EU VAT if the supplier is from an EU country. All these features are build-in in Xena. These modules for handling VAT helps you bookkeeping correct.

Advantages for accountants and bookkeepers:

All in one place

Store all vouchers in the cloud

No need to hand over piles of binders and papers. When a client gives you access to his Xena fiscal, you have access to all the information you need to do a revision. All voucher and numbers is stores securely in the cloud.