A special section for your accountant

Xena is an accountants best friend. Everything is stored in the one place and safe in the cloud. No more piles of binders!

Advantages for Xena users

Free to share with your accountant

An accountant is a wise investment to insure correct bookkeeping. In Xena you can easily and free share your fiscal with your accountant. The accountant have access to all the data saving you the time of printing all vouchers and store it in lots of binders.

Advantages for accountants

A special module for accountants

As accountant in a Xena fiscal you have access to some special tools. These help you do the revision quick and efficient.


Manage clients in one place

Larger accounting companies can manage their clients from within Xena and assign the clients to available accountants.

LEARN MORE: Please get in touch for more information about being an auditor partner with Xena.

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