22-01-2018 • Releases

The past year in Xena

Let us look back at 2017 and highlight some of the new things in Xena.

Here are some highlights from Xena in 2017.


Build-in support tool

It is very easy to get help for a specific feature inside Xena. A new support tool was introduced in the top of the screen. Click on it and some question marks will highlight the features you can learn more about in Xenapedia. Without leaving your work in Xena you can get help to move on.

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New menu for time

Xena's new apps for scheduling, calendar and time registration is gathered in the new menu item "Time". These apps are a great help to plan and schedule workers for tasks in projects, keep track of expenses and budgets, plus tracking how much time is used on tasks. You should defenetly check out these new apps!

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Expand/collapse lines

It is now easier to get a glimpse of orders and articles. In the different list views of orders and articles you can expand the lines to see what they contain.


Many new apps in the Xena App Store

More and more apps arrive in our app store. Apps in Xena adds features to your company platform to meet your needs. Some of the new apps and integrations are CrediWire, EG Lønservice, HairTools, Project administration and Rykkerportalen. And we still have DanDomain Webshop and SmartWeb Webshop. These apps or plugins, help gathering all data in one place; in Xena.

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This is just a few of the highlights from all that have happened in Xena the past year. Thank you very much to all out dear users and for your feedback. We appreciate it! If you would like to try out Xena, just get started! Create you Xena account and a fiscal free of charge!

Happy accounting!

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