Secure. Completely secure

We give you three advices on how to protect your data in Xena.


In Xena you can activate 2-step verification

In a time where even apps from Apple’s App store can contain virus, it is a good thing to take security seriously. There are a few easy steps you can take yourself to improve your own protection:

  1. Keep all your devices updated – including phone, PC, Mac, tablet, apps and your browser.

  2. If you get suspicious email or popups then close it, delete it, get rid of it.

  3. Enable 2-step verification.


What is 2-step verification?

It means to have a second factor when logging in. In this case: your phone. When logging in to Xena and typing your password, a 6-digit code is send to you by SMS. After you also entered that code, you are logged in.

Therefore, if anyone somewhere in the world should try to use your account it is not possible, even if they know your password.


How to enable 2-step verification

When logged in to Xena, go to “My profile” (upper right corner). There you will see a box intitled “One time password”. Click the button “Activate OTP”.

We recommend doing it right now to be a bit more secure on the web!